Posted by: crystalfe | February 25, 2009

Why is Colombo Gravitated?

Though Colombo is the former capital city, it is the busiest city in Sri Lanka. The city is mixed with many modern lives and majestic buildings. It has around 647 100 people living in a small place as it is the most developed area of the country. The main reason of the development is because of the best resources and facilities are located in this city. Moreover, the head offices, the industries, political offices and other organizations are also situated here. Therefore, the government has to send most of the money in maintaining this part of the country. As a result of this, the other parts of the country is not developed nor touched. This has made the people to leave their cities, villages behind and migrate to Colombo mostly for jobs, education, facilities and political reasons. So now we see the cause for the down fall of the country as one quarter of Sri Lanka is developed and the rest not even close to it.

Is the government doing the correct thing? Is this fair to the public? I don’t think so; we have to address this issue seriously otherwise, this will harm the future of the country badly. Though Colombo is the head and the appearance for Sri Lanka, the rest of the country is the body and without its function, Sri Lanka is paralyzed. Therefore, the government should provide sufficient electricity, transports facility, communication and technology service, job opportunities and education institutions which will make the private sector also spread all over Sri Lanka. By this, the country will solve many of their current problems which will make the people cheerful for now.



  1. Good job bringing this issue to the surface and examining it. Can you provide more specific suggestions for solutions?

  2. Crystal,
    You are doing a great job by introducing us to Sri Lanka. I hope the government will realize its faults and act appropriately.

    Thank you for introducing us to this topic.

  3. It is really a nice work of you my friend. Hope it will help people to think about Sri lankan education system. I wish everything will come to a solution soon.


  4. Crystal!

    You are doing a great job, analyzing the both good and improvable actions of Sri Lankan Government and the reasons for the gravity towards to the capital city.

    Hope, your suggestion will be accepted and made into reality in the upcoming future.


  5. Crys,
    Here you are going to start a good point Crys. Today everything is depending on money. Develop capital city has owed prosperity. But, the root of the development in Colombo is, poor labor that are from rural areas. Mostly I think poor labor causes to develop the capital city. As you are saying, the other parts of the country are not developed and not touched. You are showing the steps clearly and also you are supporting well to your point.
    I like this views Crys,
    Good Job, keep it up….


  6. Thank you very much everyone, i hope the government will see the difference and try to do somthing for this issure.


  7. I got raped in Sri Lanka

  8. Can you pls. let me know about Trincomalee?

  9. I would your request into consideration, Kaniz..

  10. Can you tell the safety of Americans and Westerns in Sri Lanka?

  11. My wife and I were planning a trip to Sri Lanka/India next year. Is Sri Lanka a safe country to visit amidst the fighting?

  12. The distribution of wealth, are for all people. The town has to grow in economic and sociocultural aspects, always united

  13. Greetings from Turkey ! It is very nice to discuss some important problems like these and to my opinion, everything you are working on will come to a good solution by this great effort..

    Good Luck !

  14. gostaria de informaçoes a respeito de morar e me tornar cidadao do pais

  15. I agree with teresa, I am telling all of you do not go to this country till the RAJAPAKSA is ruling the country, he is only worry about his family and not the people of the country, And as i know as a tourist you cannot move freely in the country, So some foreign country’s should intervene and do some thing, if not the poor srilankans will have to live like zembabve, and some one has to help the srilankans and dont go to this country

  16. I agre with you. some one has to do sth to stop this difference.

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