Posted by: crystalfe | March 18, 2009

When we were little…

It was a holiday when my friend (a foreigner) and I were talking about our countries and were jumping topic after topic just to pass time. All of a sudden she said that when she was small, she thought that TIGERS which are known to be LTTE are real tigers who attract people from the forest. At first, I was shocked but then I asked her “Why did you think like that?” she went on the explain that she used to watch news daily at home and when it comes to Sri Lankan news, she hear them tell always that the public is been attracted by TIGERS and that the Amy is action against it. So she believed that Sri Lanka had many tigers. Also my friend had a hearty laugh and said that she made plans how to devastate these animals. To be honest with all of you, I too once thought that TIGERS were animals who killed thousands of people in the north. This was when I was in grade 1 or may be 2. Still a little girl!!! Well, I near see the news at TV but I use to see all the pictures and specially the cartoons in the news papers which my father bring every day. Here you get the topics in bold letters and funny pictures of our presidents and ministers along with pictures of tigers like the below one. So of cause, I thought that tigers were a problem to our country. I was sham when I got to know the real fact; as a result I kept this as a secret until that day when I had to agree with my friend.



Later that day I wounded why we thought like that and I also told me roommate, who explained to me that the LTTE’s flag has a Tiger which represented all the Tamils Eelam. That time only I knew that the LTTE has also a flag to show how important independence is for them.  However, we should all think twice before we split our Lanka which has been our mother to us for a long time. This is not a joke.






  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  2. Crystal,
    Great post! I really enjoyed how you related this present issue of conflict to your childhood. Your readers got to know about youthful innocence as compared with the reality. You are also giving your readers a unique perspective of the situation in Sri Lanka.

    Keep up the good work!
    – Ms Amy

  3. i think u don’t know about srilanka, what this huh? ok can u answer my questions?
    1) when was srilankan ethnic problem started and who startes whether Tamils or Sinhalese ?
    2) Why Tamil people took arms ?
    3)Do u think Sri Lankan government gives equal rights to the Tamil people?

    this post all are not true …. please 1st research details and post. Don’t say your own opinion. ok
    how ever it’s a nice blog.

  4. Dear friend,

    I didn’t mean to write against anyone nor support anyone. This is what happen to me and what i and my friend thought. Don’t misunderstand it. If you were not clear of what i wrote, then i should tell you that i was writing about the thoughts which i had 12 or 13 years ago about the ltte. By the way i put information i got by mouth and I mentioned about it, however i have Googled it. (About the flag) If I did hurt anyone’s feelings then i ask forgiveness.

    Sorry!!! I will be more careful when I write.

    Thank you

  5. Crystal,
    Your post says that the same thoughts which I also had in my small age. It’s funny to remember about the concepts which I had in my childhood.
    But, through media you have taken these ideas, it’s not our own ideas or personal.
    Even it’s not funny to talk about this huge conflict, it has happend. Therefore, I think that our friend has misunderstand the your words. So, I think it’s better to read this post without taking each other’s sides.

  6. It is a great writing crystal..Yes…we should not spill our country. Whoever write nonsense..Keep going.. Nearly we will have our mother land without damn Tigers.

  7. Hi dear,
    I am very pleased to read this and think about your great connection between your childhood and reality in your country.

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!keep going, Crystal

  8. Hey Crystal,

    Thank you for sharing your patriotic feelings. I really liked how you connected it with innonence of your childhood.

    I think there might me many kids like you were, who might be thinking the TIGERS are the real tigers (animals).

    Great post.


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