Posted by: crystalfe | March 18, 2009

Why blaming the Government all the time???

When I was a little girl I always thought that presidents of the countries are great people as they have all the power and the time to even think about the country, their lives and family. However, when I realized the things which the president was doing, my first impression was that everyone was jealous that the president as he happened to have all the powers. This is because; my parents and neighbors get together and talk how the country’s situation and was criticizing them. ‘Them’ means not only the president but also the ministers and the whole government. Well, if you say like all the people who were having the money and the power it would be correct.  When schooling also I saw that teachers and the principal were blaming the government that they didn’t have sufficient money, school was not getting all benefits they should, the study schedule was taking time, so on  and so forth. So of cause it is true for a child who is having a positive thought to think something like this… But unfortunately, I was also in that group very soon. I started to realize and see the things which the politicians and its government did. I want directly say what they’re doing is wrong but I will say that they forgot all the people and the promises when they got elected. This is the main reason which I see why everyone is blaming the government. And this has to change. If a promise is given it should be done or they shouldn’t give any felt promises. It completely ruins the character of theirs and the trust which the public keeps on them. So definitely, the government has to accept all the shouting and rates which the public does again them….


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