Posted by: crystalfe | March 25, 2009

What happened to the money, then???

I kindly request you to read the “Pockets full of money” post first, as I explain how this question comes….


The best explanation to answer ‘What happend to the money??’  is to give an example and I would like to bring up the tsunami aid. We know that in 2004, there was a humongous disaster which killed tens of thousands of people in South and East Asia. Sri Lanka was one of them and I am totally grateful to all the people, originations and countries that supported us and the surrounding countries. We were having much aid that we thought and the government had many plans to rebuild our nations. They were talking about building express railways, high ways roads, having new technology for all the fishing industries and many more. However, nothing like that happened but the damages were restored. So…… what happened to all those money which came to the country in bucks? What happened to all those plans which the government had??? Where did they all go??? No one knows where… this is the main cause for the people to think that the minister who heddle the money take it and use it for them. The media announces what the minister got to say, but who knows either they are accurate or not? Can we totally believe what they say or depend on what they say??? NOOooo…. You don’t want the public to get hot as they can make a big din out of it!!! Therefore, the ministers or the people who are in-charge get all the blames and accuse for it. To be honest with all my readers, sometimes I also think that it is true that they cheat the public because the comfort they enjoy is unacceptable. This is something we should think, either we are doing the correct thing or not!!!





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  2. Crystal!
    You’ve asked some really good questions. It’s a sad but true reality that sometimes some corrupt officials, who are supposed to protect and work for their citizens, are the ones who are harming their country.
    So, what can be done? How do we ensure that this does not continue to happen? Any ideas?

    Keep up the good work!
    – Ms Amy

  3. miss, i kind of thought of an idea. here, in AA we always say that we’re going to be great Leaders, so if we try to be free of corruption then i think to some extend, this doesn’t continue to happen.

  4. Hey Crystal,

    I understood what you tried to say. But I think it is the old way of thinking and people are obsessed with blaming others.

    Do you think that are only the policy makers and government only responsible to use the money wisely?

    Don’t people need to ensure are their governments doing the good things? Are we just to complain what and what not our government does?

    I anticipate to see more of your opinions on this.

    Great post.


  5. Prabi got a good point to ask. For me, I think the govenment are the inportant group of people who are responsible for the money, but not always them, we as the human being should be thinking about how to be responsible for our own pocket too.

  6. Hi,
    Your post is pretty good and realtic. I like your post. Try to write about some solutions. I konw we all AA students have many great ideas, so you can aske some solutions from them.

  7. I agree with Geena and Prabi. We have to learn form the past and the situation. ya, we have to follow the tradition, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t improve it.

    Nice thought!


  8. Nice critisism Cystal 🙂
    Often, governments have corruptions and when they have a chance to do that they will probably do. However, corrupting the aids which are given for the innocent victims should be reached the place where it needs to go.

    Good job and I expect more posts like these in future.

  9. I agree with Hamshik. If the government do these kind of corruption who will observe them?

  10. I agree with Hamshik. If the government do these kind of corruption who will observe them?

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  12. Much of the money were ‘pledges’.

    People who have no idea of international affairs, wont know this.

    Only 4% of the total pledged funds reached sri Lanka. Just because USA pledged 50 billion that doesnt mean it all came? It could be paid out in instalments, or it will take its own sweet time. May not come at all, a pledge is a promise to donate.

  13. We should be prepare for the future. so my kind request to the government of India is that, we should develop our country & government should apply facilities for the poor people.
    your’s scincerly
    (student of, Fort International Academy,waghbil,kolhapur)

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