Posted by: crystalfe | April 7, 2009

Will SL accept ‘ONE CHILD policy’??

Late week, I visited Dubai as I had to participate in an international conference named Education Without Borders 2009. I had mentioned this before as I uploaded my documentary about Microfinance. However, in the conference I met many interesting people who shared about various issues, questions, suggestions and solutions. These conversations had continued for 3 days and nights. Even in the bus we shared different ideas. One such topic which was brought up was ONE CHILD policy in CHINA.

While sharing some opinions about having siblings in a family, a university student told us that she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters because she was a Chinese. This is due to the one child policy which the citizens have to follow in China. We were sitting together in the bus when she asked me “Will SL accept ‘one child policy’?”

 Will they?

Well according to my opinion, Sri Lankans won’t accept it. Why? Because the people still have a strong belief to have more than one child, maybe not a lot but a few. The cultures, the religions and the trend to have children will be the reasons for this case. But when I researched about the birth and death rate of SL, I found out an interesting fact that Sri Lankan’s birth rate is over taking the death rate which is around 11%. Seeing this, one can infer that SL has a problem in growing population as we don’t have much land and resources. But to make one child policy comes true just to balance the birth and death rate Sri Lankans will not accept the policy. This is what I think….. what do you think about it???




  1. I don’t think something like that is required, at least not yet. People should have some liberty in deciding how many off springs they are going to have. what about defining an upper limit? something like, not more than 3 please.

  2. Yeah! “No more than 3”
    I think that a country like Sri Lanka does not have to worry about this issue, but I’m glad that you brought up a nice question which I think no one has brought this before.

    Keep up your great work!

  3. ohhh! its interesting to hear that noone else has questioned about this issue. Then in that case you’ve done a nic job. However, i don’t think so population is a great problem in Sri Lanka. I too agree with Liberal Lanka. if that’s a simple risk then you may’ve to focus on other factors or problems.

  4. I think Geena, this problem would have come up but as both of you (Hamsika also) said it wouldn’t have been a big issue is SL. But it can happen in the long run…. Dont you guys think that????

  5. Hey Crystal,
    I didn’t know that Sri Lanka has the problem of population growth. However, I suppose it is not as severe as countries like China.

  6. I also didn’t know that Srilanka has Population problem. However, great post.

  7. Good idea to make one child policy. but sometimes it will be difficult like the Chinese that children will not have any sibling.

  8. I wonder if there is a real population problem in SL???? The war which was existing for the past 2.5 decades have taken many lives of Sri Lankans ( Army, LTTE and the innocent civilians ).

    when thinking about the population of SL, the country is not crowded just like China, rather the cities in the western province are having a good crowd….( especially Colombo )

    ( one of ur previous posts on Colombo )

    When looking at the economic situation of the people & different factors from the last few years, we can see that the number of children in a family is sticking to around 1 or max 2 ( a third in some families )…but now it is mostly 1 child… All my 4 married cousins are having only one child each and all of them are schooling… single example that the ” one child policy” is happening in an unofficial way….

    I heard through one of my lecturers that in the next half a decade or so, the largest proportion of the total population of SL would be the elderly and the aged…. So as a result the child would delay his or her marriage in order to take care of the parents… the outcome of the delayed marriage again would be, having one single child or two….

    The current economic crisis would again be a factor in deciding the number of children in a family as many Sri Lankan families belong to the middle class if it was based on an income basis…

    The birth rate would have an effect on the population in the long term….

    Let us wait and see……….

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