Posted by: crystalfe | April 8, 2009

Dear Friends, this is the WORLD we are living in.

Recently I got to know the story about Ishara, a Sri Lankan who survived during the Tsunami in 2004. She owned a musical band, but was still a schoolgoing student. She was famous for singing in many festivals, occasions and especially in weddings.

December 26th, was a tragedy for her, as her shop went under water taking all the instruments and many other valuable things. Also one of her members had broken his leg when he was trying to save people from this disaster.

Unfortunately, the same day she had to perform in a wedding in the upcountry. Ishara tried her best to explain the situation to them but they wouldn’t listen as they were in the mind of having the wedding grandly. She couldn’t refuse them also as she had taken the advance beforehand, therefore she had to find all the instruments and booked a van as her van also went into the sea. Lastly, she said that they were surprised to see the grand party which was going on when thousands and thousands of people were dying in the coastal area.

So dear friends, what you will do if you were in that situation? In my case, I will be very surprised too and more than that I would have been totally against that party.

I thought that everyone in the country was watching and helping the people who needed help but to see…… there were people who were celebrating and enjoying too. We say that humans are sensitive when it comes to human situations. But what happen here. It was the opposite and I feel bad that some even didn’t care for it.



  1. Crystal,

    Great post! Again, this is a good post because it gives your readers a story that we would have otherwise not been exposed to.

    Keep up the good work,
    Ms Amy

  2. Crystal.
    This story really hurts me alot……. even i could not think this kinds of people and their behavior. keep doing your great job.

  3. Crystal,
    Painful incident!
    We never think that we have this kind of people in our society. “I have heard that our people are more sensitive and care about others a lot..”, but… here…This story teaches us many things to our lives that we have to move to our future with these people. We have to develop our nation with these people. We did not expect this opposite side of our nation until we see the truth.

    Great post!
    Keep going nice work.

  4. Crystal,
    A good and realtic post. I hope you will write more stories.

  5. Yep Crys,
    This is exactly true. I also have had many experiences. Many people would like to enjoy themdhelve when other people are faceing many struggles.

  6. Crystal,

    I really liked how you have given title to your post. I really liked how you shared your friend’s experience to let the world know how we are divided in one world.

    Great post.


  7. both you and me, and all those who experienced the Tsunami and who lived by the coastal areas of SL would feel bad about this situation and would talk against the wedding…

    I am not taking the side of the upcountry party but if we think from their point of view, they would have definitely thought that the wedding would be much more important as it was not affected and the preparation for such an event would wake a lot of time and effort and as the event was not affected by the natural disaster they would not have thought of postponing it….

    Not only this wedding, then what about the culprits who shouted ‘a tsunami is coming’ and made the innocent humans run away from their houses and broke into houses and stole items from those empty houses???? They too didn’t want to help but to make a buck with this natural disaster…

  8. Conrad, you have a point but at least they should have taken the wedding in a silent way without making the whole village hear them. You know how our people take wedding isn’t it? so at least without making a big din they should have taken it. Don’t you think that?

  9. Yeh, I agree with you on that point… But you know there is a small crowd of people who just don’t feel the pain of others and just do care only for themselves… This crowd too may be a part of such people….

  10. Dear Cristy Dont only belive What you hear from some one you cant realy give clear idintity even.
    this is not the realaty of every people live in sri lanka sri lanka has been fully recover in to normal life emmidiatly after tsuhnami not that with god help but only with good harted people who live and help other felow brothers and siters in need. idont agree with your propraganda mud bucket try some thing deffernat without wasting every one time

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