Posted by: crystalfe | April 9, 2009

Finding for solutions…

Well many can say that I write mostly about the issues in Sri Lanka but avoid the part of writing solutions. However, I try my best to write and today I would like to quote one solution which the whole world should do to make this solution happen.

This week in class i saw a documentary on the affects of the system which is used to make goods and dispose it. The name of the documentary is “ Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard. It is based on the consuming of United Stat. Annie says that our system of making and disposing has a lot of crisis and that we can change this system to make the affects in a save way that the people want waste resources or people. This is online at this website. Check it up. but after seeing don’t forget it. Cause many do this.

I write this in my post cause, I agree with Annie and I like to help her by showing this to my readers who haven’t seen it yet. This also need everyone to come together to build this system correct as it in involves all the countries. So hope you will work to spread this news among your community to rebuild a correct system.  



  1. Nice job Cristal. Try to give possible solutions. Means give some solutions that easy for us as a student. So we can make a big change.

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