Posted by: crystalfe | April 16, 2009

I missed being in Sri Lanka 

This was the second time I did not celebrate our New Year with my family. However, I remembered everything on that day and I was so nostalgic that I had to miss them all. We do special things like making milk rice and we prepare various sweets and share with friends and relations during the Tamil Sinhala New year. Moreover, the fun games which we play are the most important part of the New Year day. In a public ground, we all get to gather and decorate the place colorfully. Then, we share sweets and eventually games will be started by the eldest person of our group. We usually play “Kotta pora”, a game, which two people sit in a bamboo stick by keeping a hand behind themselves and hitting each other by pillow until one person of them falls down. Further, there will be another game called “Kana mutty” which we have to break a pot which is filled with blue water by a stick which is kept in a certain height. Whoever breaks the pot will be the winner of the day.

This is when the milk rice is boiling.SRI LANKA-CULTURE-NEW YEAR

When the women play the dram

The “Kotta pora” game.342148138_b7c20302c1

The sweets which we make.2431049448_2ae65ca10c

Even though I missed all these cheerfulness I celebrated New Year in Access Academy twice as Tamils and Sinhalese have different time when the New Year starts. The Tamil one was at around at midnight we celebrated and the Sinhalese one was celebrated in the early morning. I gladly made my day going temples and enjoying with friends.



  1. Hey Crystal,

    Though you missed being in your country, I hope you had a new experiece of celebrating the special day with your friends in the foriegn land.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.



  2. anee…. we also had the game that you mentioned “kana mutty”. I love it da! I too miss my land 😦

  3. Same here friend. I missed a lot, my family on this occasion. The ritual is slight similar to my country. During this day we all eat togather and prepare different types of sweet (pitha).

    happy new year.


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