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I am Crystal Fernando from Sri Lanka. Now I am a university student in the Access Academy, Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh. I have come here to get my masters on Business Management as my interest is in this field. What most fascinated me is the competition which is going on now in the market and I would like to be a part of it. Another reason for my interest is that I don’t see Sri Lanka playing a good role in this market. Therefore, I chose the business path for my career life. I believe one day I will win in this rapidly growing market as there can be only one win for a time.

My intention of writing this blog started as I am away from Sri Lanka. It is around one year I’m a way and I miss it a lot. Also my love toward my country grew more and more when the days were going by. My mom use to say that a person has to lose something to appreciate it, so that is what has happen to me. However, surrounded with many other country students as this university says, I have understood that Sri Lanka has been lucky with many ways but there are some things which have made this country miserable. Concerning all these issues, I thought of bring them to the international attention so that we all can write our thoughts, suggestions and solution to all the address problems. I hope you all will enjoy reading my blog and feel free to leave any comments.

Enjoy Rising of Ceylon



  1. Wishing you good luck to succeed your life in your own path and have a fantastic time in writing your blog. We, the readers, have more expectations about Sri Lankan issues. I hope that you will bring them into discussion.

    Keep going….


  2. great reading on your blog! keep it up and good luck with your studies

  3. I feel the same way as u do…I’m in one of the most developed country; Japan…but I always feel
    I miss something…that is our..Srilankanness…I would say…
    Good luck

  4. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka but I miss it! My father, Kenneth Blythe-Perrett, was born there (Kandy, Battacaloa?) but came to India as a young man. He married and lived in and around Calcutta, where I was born, and where I am not, for over 40 years now!

    Dad spoke of Ceylon with great affection and reverence as to its beauty etc. I long to visit. It seems to be a paradise in so many ways.

    My paternal grandmother was Adeline Albrecht, should anyone know of her of the Albrechts, as well as the Blythe-Perretts…

  5. Greetings from Indonesia! I enjoy reading your blog! It really widen my horizon bout ur country. Good luck on ur study 🙂

  6. My dear crystal;
    I am an Afghan girl, and one of nine students from Afghanistan, who will join AUW and you nice friends,in Bangladish,maybe at 18th August. Since I visited AUW website,I have been interested on you and your highly talents on acheiving your goals.
    For giving more information,I am 3rd year student of Economics Faculty at Kabul University in Afghanistan, but I prefered to continue my lessons in AUW.
    Wish you more success and joyness in your lessons and aswell in your life targets.
    I wonder if you could keep contacting with me and I would be pleased to learn more from you.
    See you soon in Bangladish.

  7. hi crystal,

    i’m from austria and in october i will start my volonteering in india. i also want to visit sri lanka. can you tell me some nice places there?

  8. I agree one of your point-“A person has to loose something to appreciate it.”Most of the Sri Lankans who live abroad love their mother country.And they feel .

  9. fuck you

  10. Thank You Axel. I hope soo…:)

  11. Sure thing. Just dont forget to cite it, cause some on them are not mine. 🙂

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