About My Blog

Thank you for stopping by and reading ‘Rising of Ceylon’. This blog   contains my thoughts about the development of my mother country. Although Sri Lanka is still developing, there are great achievements that the country has accomplished such as education. However, the country is also facing issues in many categories that are making the country tumble, and I would love to bring this into attention as it is neglected or paid a blind eye. It is distressing to see that Sri Lanka is struggling with all current crises that hinder the development of the country. Also i will be touching the topic which our whole earth should be worried about, so that the other people will find this blog more close to their issuer too. Therefore, as a citizen in Sri Lanka and a human being in the planet, I thought of informing the international community about these issues and asking for its great thoughts and suggestions.  I completely accept any comments or praise or complain from my viewers.

Enjoy Rising of Ceylon


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